Formed in 2010, ECR was created to change the way builders' waste from new home construction was managed. They created a unique business model that was based on at-source separation rather than offsite separation of materials.

Using a multi-coloured, multi-bin system they have grown this enterprise to service over 1,200 homes per annum and employ over 40 people.

Earthcare Recycling has enabled the builders to reduce the number of orders, reduce the amount of waste and recycle over 90% of the waste they generate.

Whilst all this has made good commercial and economic sense, the value and help to the environment continues to grow.


Earthcare Recycling

Earthcare Recycling is a simple and effective system for at source collection and separation of buildiers waste using a series of colour coded bins.

Incorporating development based builder’s storage yard or material recovery centres, the waste materials are collected and processed for reuse in the development or offsite recycling.

Sustainable Thinking

ECR was created in 2010 with the goal of recycling or reusing or minimising the waste generated from new home construction.

The owners have created a business that is focussed on sustainability in its business operations, but importantly for its customers and therefore the community.

Material Recycling Centres

ECR has developed a unique concept of localised storage yards based on individual developments.

Working with both builders and developers ECR minimises the use of materials and reuses large quantities of the waste material back into the developments.

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